FPMC: an innovative approach

Fine Properties MonteCarlo SAM was founded in 2011 with the objective of developing and implementing luxury Real Estate projects throughout the Principality of Monaco.

The two partners – the Pizzarotti Group and the Casiraghi family – have a long-standing collaboration with Engeco SAM (a construction company with over 30 years of experience in the Principality of Monaco), a thorough knowledge and understanding of the territory as well as real estate development and construction expertise.


FPMC is the culmination of a project, the result of the specific skills of the construction company with those of the developer, who, for the first time together in the Principality of Monaco propose exclusive real estate initiatives, each with its own savoir-faire and different features. Promotion in Real Estate becomes a design process of living. Through its own internal resources FPMC is able to imagine, verify, coordinate and implement the idea of the building by means of a unique, different and highly original path.
The approach is that of a competent and determined Player, tapping into a unique and exclusive location such as Monaco for the first time. The characteristics that distinguish FPMC as a real estate developer are its “uniqueness” and “sobriety”. These two words summarize the choices, the decisions and epitomize the results obtained. The objective is to stand out from those competitors already on the scene, with a few choice high quality projects, which endorse elegance and sobriety, ensuring the building seamlessly blends into its surroundings and at the same time offer the tenants and occupants the highest comfort.
Development tends to the unusual, to the exceptional, by way of a precise analysis of the chosen market. The relationship with clients is direct and assistance is 360 degrees: from the presentation of a number of different  solutions to support the client throughout the entire acquisition phase, starting from the promotion phase  through to the final consignment and post sales service.
The attention in the selection of architects, engineers, consultants, firms and partners who understand and share the vision, the dedication and drive of the team to obtain results, interpreting the wishes and requests with talent, thought and passion all contribute to making the FPMC project a reality, exactly as planned.
The building sites are real examples in terms of work methods, technologies and materials, ensuring environmental protection and the least possible disturbance to local residents while work is underway. The result is made possible only by that rare combination of individual passion and teamwork at all levels.