La Petite Afrique:
unique residence in Monaco

Iconic, stunning, breathtaking, unique.
A place where the light breeze moves the imperceptible curtains and where fine marble shines with divine beauty. A place of great charm and allure, surrounded by the sea and tropical nature, a place where you can take in the skyline and fully immerse yourself in the aromatic scents of the Mediterranean.
In the heart of the trophy neighbourhood Carrè d’Or, Petite Afrique is first and foremost a unique and incomparable experience, designed to foster a high quality lifestyle. Harmoniously nestled in the natural settings of one of the most exclusive locations in the world, the building stands out for its contemporary design and for the evocative landscape that can be viewed from the terraces. A fine and elegant building, characterized by soft and sinuous contours, enhanced by vertical greenery.
Just like a lively and dynamic sculpture in a tropical oasis, Petite Afrique is the expression of sophisticated design with a true Mediterranean soul: it seems toblend perfectly into its surroundings, becoming an integral part of them, giving the true luxury of being able to admire the shimmering shades of the sea. The same atmospheres frame the luxurious and elegant spaces dedicated to amenities, spaces created to offer unparalleled comfort and well-being. Extremely large and bright spaces, fine materials and polished details make it a unique, charming and quite simply stunning place.
The prestige of living
Finemarble, iridescent mosaics, spectacular lighting, material combinations with acolonial flavour recalling tropical atmospheres: blend together to create the evocative setting of the lobby and the spa with its own swimming pool, the perfect places to rediscover the well-being of the mind and the body.
In the heart of Monte Carlo, in a unique position of beauty and prestige, the Penthouse offers living spaces of unrivalled luxury and elegance. An extraordinary urban villa suspended between the sky and the sea.

A prime spot like no other

Extending over 3 large floors, with a layout of over 1,700 square metres and unrivalled 360° views onto the sea and the gardens: these are just some of the numbers of the exclusive Petite Afrique Penthouse. A truly unique solution in order to experience absolute luxury and prestige. Three floors structured into refined and spacious areas, where the floor to ceiling glass surfaces create a seamless transition between the internal and external space.