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New trend, new concept
The real estate market is growing rapidly following the downturn triggered by the 2006 financial crisis: a fact endorsed by the numerous operative building sites in Manhattan. The result will not only lead to a stark transformation in its skyline but also to a change in the way of living for its residents.

Being able to offer increasingly numerous, varied and altogether singular building amenities is essential for any real estate developer who wants to be a competitive draw. More quality spaces for leisure activities as well as more easily accessible services are required in this bustling and frenetic city,  just as important as the endorsement of social status through the prestige and elegance of indoor comforts.
From the indispensible 24 hour concierge service to the increasingly exclusive scenic swimming pools, golf simulators and pet care services, the culture of amenities renders into socio-economic trends and endorses an all-inclusive, fast, smart and healthy philosophy. Just as technology immeasurably changes the way of living and consequently living the city, buildings too, must adapt quickly to meet the needs of the modern urban community.

Lobbies, rooftops and basements become pulsing places of aggregation and association, of leisure and relaxation, spaces which provide the response to every possible daily need right under the very same roof. The operational  diversity of an urban neighbourhood is enclosed in a single building, playing a fundamental part in the social, economic and cultural fabric of the city.
The Elisa and Jardim express FPMC’s avant-garde approach in proposing target projects which endorse the philosophy of smart and luxury conveniences: 24/7 concierge service, prestigious fitness and wellness areas, rooftop and internal gardens. They all contribute to define a new living experience in this sharing economy era.

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Isay Weinfeld

New York