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A Royal Place: discover Monaco

The Principality of Monaco represents an extraordinary urban scenario, in the last forty years however there have been some examples of below-par architecture, many times even questionable ones. There opportunities are evident for real estate projects which have clear high-quality objectives. La Petite Afrique overlooking the Monte Carlo Casino’s gardens was the first challenge. FPMC and the architect Isay Weinfeld, the winner of an international architecture competition, joined forces to create a luxury property containing 7 apartments , a commercial area, a private spa and underground parking spaces.
Together with the talented architect, Rudi Ricciotti, FPMC is involved in another prestigious private and public project; Jardin Exotique de Monaco. The public side of the project includes the design and construction of a 15-storey underground parking area able to accommodate 2,000 cars, 5,000 square metres of office space and Jardin Exotique’s new greenhouses. The private side sees the development of a luxury 7 floor residential complex with 65 apartments.
In every operation the strong identity of the building and its designer emerge. The designer knows how to bring into being a building and for it to be considered, even within the dense Monegasque urban fabric, an icon of contemporary architecture, capable of being recognized as a perfect example of urban regeneration. The objective is to offer the highest level of quality to exclusive residences whose simplicity and elegance blend effortlessly into the urban landscape, adapting seamlessly to the area with simple elegance.
During the design phases beauty and tradition are combined to ensure the outstanding technical performance of equipment, together with a meticulous choice of materials and architectural solutions in order to obtain the best possible residential complex. The external areas of the building do not in any way condition the internal areas and their functions, or vice-versa, they are in perfect harmony.
Shape - and the use of contrasting materials - clearly indicates function. The underlying sobriety derives from the use architectural features to define spaces and functions adding only the essential in order to achieve the required purpose. The same soothing sobriety inspires the interiors, all designed with the utmost attention to detail.
Everything revolves around the use of few choice materials and styles. The result is the idea of extremely simple elegance and good taste. It is precisely this different take on luxury that makes FPMC’s buildings stand out, making them truly “unique” in Monaco.